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A Dozen Albums by Christians that Don’t Suck

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Ok, so maybe not sucking is a bit of low bar. These are my current favorite albums by Christians. I worded that carefully, these aren’t all worship albums, nor are the lyrics all overtly Christian. There is a spectrum here ranging from stuff you might sing on Sunday morning to stuff that you would listen to in the car on Tuesday afternoon. It is important to note that these aren’t in any particular order, except for maybe the order that I have them on my Spotify account. So let’s get to it:

Beyond Control – King’s Kaleidoscope

Favorite Song: A Prayer

Make sure you check out their freshman release: Becoming Who We Are, and their EP: Sin. This is the only album on our list that comes in an explicit version. A Prayer is the track that everybody has been talking about. To hear, front-man, Chad Gardners’ take on it listen to this interview.

A Mirror Dimly – Citizen’s & Saints

Favorite Song: Madness

This is another follow up to an outstanding freshman release. This entire album is just flawless. If you want to dance while you worship then you need to pick this one up. Make sure you check out the first full-length: Citizens, as well as all of the EP’s.

In Our Winters – Preson Phillips

Favorite Song: Wayfaring Stranger

Tommy Phillips is the pastor at Seminole Heights’ Watermark Church in Florida. If you want something bluesey and theologically deep then you’ll want to check out this, and his previous 3 albums.

Give us Rest or (A Requium Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]) – David Crowder Band

Favorite Song: I Am A Seed

The most well known name on this list, David Crowder Band, split up a few years ago after leaving us this gem. My favorite track pick here was a bit arbitrary because the whole thing is so good. Make sure you check out the band The Digital Age which is most of the “Band” from David Crowder Band.

Costly – Ghost Ship

Favorite Song: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

I can’t say enough good stuff about this band. They have another album and a few EP’s for you to put in rotation. The first time I saw them play an unnamed pastor walked up on stage after they had finished leading worship before his teaching, and the pastor admitted that he had to be corrected on their name thinking they were called Goat Sh*t. Thankfully this moniker is in no way a description of their music.

Take the World, But Give Me Jesus – Ascend the Hill

Favorite Song: Be Thou My Vision

I don’t even remember how I came across this band, but man am I glad that I did. This is probably the most worshipful-sounding band on the list. I’m not sure if I’m conveying what I mean with that terminology, but this record will take you out of whatever it is that you are currently going through and will help you to focus on Jesus in a way that nothing else on this list does (no offense to everybody else on this list). I don’t think that they are making music anymore, so if you like what you hear make sure that you tweet, facebook, or whatever you can to let them know that they need to get back in the studio.

Fly Exam – JGivens

Favorite Song: 10 2 Get in

This is the first hip-hop album on the list. Formerly of Humble Beast, JGivens is just the man. I have seen him live 3 times here in Indy and have gotten to sit and talk with him each time. He is just the nicest most genuine dude in the world, and he knows good hiphop. He left Humble Beast and somewhere along the line his first album with them, El v. Envy has gotten lost in the shuffle, but you can find it on his website along with his other releases at jgivens.com

1001 – Zach Bolen

Favorite Song: 95

There are no words to describe how much I love this album. Also the front-man for Citizens & Saints, Bolen’s first solo project is an absolute home run. I had a hard time picking a favorite song so I just wrote down the first one. This album is perfect.

Good Religion – Dream Junkies

Favorite Song: I Got the Juice

A buddy of mine turned me on to this album a while back, and any time that I’m looking for some laid-back hip-hop for the background I turn to this on.John Givez is a part of this trio, and as JGivens’ cousin (who recently departed Humble Beast) I’m kind of hoping this trio becomes a quartet.

What Was Done, Vol 1: A Decade Revisited – The Classic Crime

Favorite Song: You and Me Both

This is one of the most recognizable records on this list, and its the one that I have the hardest time convincing people to listen to. The Classic Crime is a former Tooth & Nail band that has turned to kickstarter to self-fund their own albums. If you remember them as a Pop-punk/post-grunge band then you’ll be surprised by this album. The song’s will be familiar, but they have been re-recorded using acoustic instruments. This one is a lot of fun.

The Water & The Blood – Dustin Kensrue (aka The Modern Post)

Favorite Song: Oh God

Dustin Kensrue wouldn’t say that he ever “left” Thrice, but I guess you could call it a hiatus.  Now all of the stuff that he did during that Hiatus is going under the name of The Modern Post. He has an EP and this full length. Dustin will forever be one of my favorite singers, and his stuff with The Modern Post is no exception. Oh, and because I put this record on the list I didn’t include anything from Thrice, but you should definitely go listen to Thrice.

When Given Time to Grow – Conveyer

Favorite Song: Haven

I love this one, and I really hate that you aren’t going to get it. I think Conveyer is classified as a Hardcore Punk band. If I’m wrong on that, sorry. Either way this album was so much more than I expected. Your grandmother will call this the Devil’s music, but listen to the lyrics and you’ll see that this is the furthest thing from the truth.

Honorable Mentions

Depth of Mercy – Kenosis

Favorite Song: How Deep the Father’s Love

Oh Great is Our God – The Sing Team

Favorite Song: Satisfied in You (Psalm 42)

Both of these bands have recently announced that they are back together and will be making full length albums. Listen to their EP’s and look for them on the next edition of “A Dozen Albums by Christians that Don’t Suck.”

One other thing to keep you eye on is The Gospel Song Union (gospelsongunion.com). They are the brains behind a bunch of the bands on this list, and they are the next big thing in christian/worship music. You heard it first here folks.

If you have any music that you think belongs on this list put a link in the comments, we are always looking for great music to add to our favorite Spotify playlists.

AUTHOR - Nate Huff

Host of The Dead Men Podcast / Chief Beer Officer