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Inviting Revival

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being trampled violently underfoot in pulpits all across America. It is being spat on in “Christian” counseling sessions and mocked by contemporary Christian music — song after song. More still, those who have been entrusted with the task of shepherding souls have so denigrated the grace of God and so watered down (or nuanced to the point of irrelevance) the gospel message that there are, as Leonard Ravenhill put it, countless individuals being “launched in to a Christ-less eternity and are in orbit forever in the regions of the damned[1].” In other words- people are going to hell not because they have willingly rejected the unerringly heralded message of the cross, but because they think themselves to be Christian while ignoring the call to follow Jesus and pursue holiness by the power of His spirit. They have duped themselves (and their hearers) into a perpetuity of trauma and torture fiercely clinching onto what Dietrich Bonhoeffer would call “cheap grace”. These issues are not limited to any one denomination or theological persuasion; rather, they constitute an ideological, even theological, epidemic plaguing the Western Church as a whole.


If any of this be true (and I believe that it is) then It is not enough to sit idly by and hope for a better tomorrow. No, we must bloody our knees in prayer, soak our face with tears, wet our pens with ink, and preach our throats raw, in the hope that God would show our vapid generation a supernatural grace that has scarcely been seen this side of heaven. We must clarify not only the person and work of Jesus Christ to the world outside our front door but the cost associated with following him. A failure to do so is the complete rejection of Jesus’ own message[2].


In short, we need Revival. We don’t need forceful and clumsy emotionalism, vicious anti-intellectualism, or cold, dead orthodoxy- we need a Spirit-led, prayer ignited movement of God. Will you lock arms with us, pray for, and work toward personal and corporate Revival?



Keep an eye out for DM Literature: Resources for Revival!




[1] Ravenhill, Leonard. Revival Praying: An Urgent and Powerful Message for the Family of Christ (p. 3)

[2] Luke 14:25-33

AUTHOR - Brandon Scalf

Brandon Scalf is the founder of Dead Men. He currently serves Dead Men by providing visionary leadership for the organization as a whole. He also oversees all teaching and communication. He holds an MTS from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently finishing up an M.Div at Covenant Theological Seminary.