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What Conflict?

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The Gospel of Mark is all about Jesus, the Son of God (Mk. 1:1). This specific gospel account is told very rapidly and is filled to the brim with Jesus’ teachings, miracles, exorcisms, and healings. In other words, Mark’s gospel is all about Jesus and his very public ministry. The story goes like this: God put on flesh and came on a rescue mission to reconcile the world to himself in the person and work of the God-man Jesus, who is our savior, king, and Christ. And in case you were wondering, he succeeded! Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father, waiting to judge the living and the dead! He will come back, and when he does, it won’t be as a lamb this time but rather a roaring lion! He will come with wrath, fury, tattoos, and swords! Mountains will even run from his presence (Rev. 6:16).  This is the Jesus of eternity, and this is the Jesus that the demons knew of and were confronted by in Mark’s Gospel!


Addressing Reality


Movies, TV shows, and books can easily have us believing that there is some kind of eternal battle that exists between good and evil—that both sides have some kind of equal opportunity to squash one another.  They have us biting our proverbial nails down to our knuckle bones asking, “Who’s it gonna be, the good guy or the bad guy?!” But thank the Lord that this is just fantasy and fiction! The truth is this: Jesus scares the forces of evil and pushes back the darkness! There is never a single incident in the Gospel of Mark where Jesus is afraid to lose a battle, and there are zero incidents where a demon encountered even thinks it has a chance.  Let’s take Mark 5:6-13 for example. Here a demon possessed man comes face to face with the eternal King of glory:


And when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and fell down before him. And crying out with a loud voice, he said “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.” For he was saying to him, “Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!” And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” And he (Legion) begged (Jesus) earnestly not to send them out of the country. Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside, and they begged him, saying, “Send us to the pigs; let us enter them.” So he gave them permission. And the unclean spirits came out and entered the pigs; and the herd, numbering about two thousand, rushed down the steep bank into the sea and drowned in the sea.”


There are only two types of beings: those who know that Jesus runs ALL things and those who will come to find out (rather regretfully). This is one that knows.  If you read this passage, it doesn’t take you very long to come to the conclusion that this Jesus has authority over ALL creation—even the dark and evil demons! I mean, Jesus had to give this legion of demons’ permission to essentially move from one place to the next.  He is completely and utterly sovereign.


So what does this mean for our lives? How does this impact the advice and/or counsel we give to hurting and broken people in need of healing? How does it impact our often times harsh walk in this life?


Since Jesus Has Authority Over Evil, He Has Authority Over Our Circumstances


Practically this means that our troubles—the dark nights of our lives and our brutal and broken circumstances—are all under the thumb of a mighty and sovereign creator and sustainer. True, we live in a fallen and sin-stained world. There will be struggle; there will be opposition; and there will be pain and suffering. But there will also be war waged with the evil that disfigures the image we are supposed to bear as God’s creation. There will be grace.


We live in a unique point in history. We live in the tension of the “already and not yet”. We are already experiencing the effects of Jesus’ work and the ushering in of the kingdom of God. Jesus has dismantled, destroyed, and demolished the power of Satan under the blood of his cross.  But we are still in waiting and in hope for the return of our King.  Although his day has not yet come (in full), we know that his power has been made known to the haunts that plague our lives and he is restraining them with his strong arm. They are no match for the Son of God!


This is short and sweet. But I hope it encourages you to know that you are taken care of by a God that isn’t in jeopardy of losing your heart, soul, and eternal destination to the darkness around you.

AUTHOR - Brandon Scalf

Brandon Scalf is the founder of Dead Men. He currently serves Dead Men by providing visionary leadership for the organization as a whole. He also oversees all teaching and communication. He holds an MTS from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently finishing up an M.Div at Covenant Theological Seminary.