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What We’re About

DEAD MEN exists to bring glory to God by proclaiming the glorious truths of the gospel in straight forward, intentional, and often times – raw – ways.
Our aim is to help others understand their complete and utter need for Jesus and the unparalleled beauty found only in knowing, that in Christ, we are all dead men (and women)*.

* Galatians 2:20

Knowledge and wisdom are essential to the Christian life. Therefore, our aim is to provide resources that will communicate essential pieces of theology, ecclesiology, doxology, and the like.

We believe that head knowledge without heart change is meaningless. Many organizations/websites/blogs are set up to deliver heavy theological content exclusively. This is a tragedy. The fact is, real change begins in the heart. So, our secondary aim is to diligently focus on heart-level issues.

A life of action is the tangible proof of a renewed mind and a transformed heart. We believe that Christians need a robust understanding of doctrine as well as a truly repentant heart, so that, they can do the work God has made provision for them to do. So, our third and final aim is to show as clearly as possible how knowledge and passion(the heart) can transfer practically into real life – enabling others to walk faithfully in the good works God has called them to.